Price is not an indication of quality at City Smiles in Melbourne!

Price Does Not Always Equal Quality When You See A Dentist

Paying your dental bill doesn’t have to be a headache at City Smiles

Here at City Smiles in Melbourne we’re passionate about affordable dentistry that is also high in quality. Here in Melbourne we are known as one of the most affordable dentists in the city, we are also conveniently located in the central business district at Level 8, 20 Collins Street. We would like to reassure you that just because we’re cheaper than a majority of dentists in Melbourne does not mean you’re sacrificing quality. We are absolutely dedicated to patient care and quality and we believe it is our duty to achieve the absolute most optimum results for you.

How do you charge less than other dentists?

Most dentists actually mark-up their procedures and treatments substantially – sometimes up to 200% of the original cost. Here at City Smiles we do not excessively charge for your treatments or procedures because we know how much of a struggle your dental bill can be. We do not have a huge great secret to our cheaper prices, we simply work more proficiently with efficient protocols that maximise our time spent with our patients and thus we are able to see more patients and charge less. If you have any enquiries regarding our pricing or our protocols please do not hesitate to contact us at our Melbourne dental practice.

Did you know that all dental materials have virtually the same quality?

Yes that’s right, although many other dentists may advertise ‘superior’ dental implants or similar procedures, when it comes down to it all dental implant procedures are extremely similar. Here at City Smiles we utilise dental implants from BioHorizons which are a widely used brand of dental implants. Every dental implant is made out of the same material: titanium, as it is the most biocompatible metal that can work flawlessly with your bone. If you have any questions about our dental implants  please feel free to ask one of our dedicated dental surgeons.

We also offer a variety of cost-help schemes to help you afford your dental care

Part of providing an affordable service is ensuring that the proper payment-help schemes are available to our patients. In order to help you, we accept and support a variety of insurance and help schemes including:

  • HCF Insurance
  • Bupa Insurance
  • GEM Visa
  • Dentisure

Dentisure is one of our newest insurance options designed especially for your children

Dentisure insures you and your children from dental accidents. Here at City Smiles we understand that being a kid involves a lot of running around and playing high-intensity activities and sometimes contact or risky sports and being an adult involves a lot of busy running around. Because of this we are proud to accept claims through Dentisure which provide cover up to $5,000 for dental related injuries. Find out more about Dentisture by contacting our friendly team.

If you are interested in finding out more about City Smiles’ quality dental materials and procedures available at our Melbourne practice please do not hesitate to contact us.