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If you put in exceptional skills, you can expect exceptional outcomes. This is the philosophy City Smiles operates on and our advanced technology, skilled professionals and more efficient and effective cosmetic treatments ensure better results every time.

Comprehensive health care with a smile.

City Smiles is a dental practice in the Melbourne CBD that focuses on quality, premium care, results and value. We utilise digital dentistry to continuously improve and concentrate our efforts in finding every opportunity available to introduce digital technology, new equipment and treatments into our day.

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Located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, City Smiles is a thriving dental practice that focuses on quality, care, service and results. With a reputation of being the most affordable dental practice in Melbourne, we strive to ensure all our patients gain the care they need without the added stress of excessive cost. We are transparent about our treatment processes and the affiliated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment unless you are fully informed of all aspects.


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Is fluoride bad for you?

We always get told that fluoride is good for our teeth, but how good is it, really? Fluoride is commonly added to toothpastes and water supplies. What is fluoride? Fluoride is a mineral which is commonly found in rocks, air, soil, water (fresh and sea water) and plants. The mineral plays a vital role in the mineralisation of our bones and teeth, making sure they stay hard and strong. Around 99% of our body’s fluoride is stored in our bones and teeth. Fluoride is commonly added to water supplies in countries, as it is a good prevention method to cavities and dental erosion. Fluoride prevents dental cavities: Fluoride can help prevent tooth decay in many ways, by fighting back the effects of bad bacteria and acids inside your mouth. The main contributor to tooth erosion are the acids created by…

City Smiles Fluoride

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DISCALIMER: All surgical procedures carry risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.