The Life of a Dental Crown

Have you received a dental restoration and wonder how long it’ll last?

At City Smiles in Melbourne we understand the fear of dental crowns breaking or coming loose, which is why we always utilise high quality components and materials to ensure your dental crown is designed for longevity.

There are two types of dental crowns offered at City Smiles and one of our professional and friendly dentists will consult with you as which one would best suit your needs:

  1. Metal bonded to ceramic.. These are very common and consist of a metal core with porcelain adhered to the metal foundation.
  2. Zirconia All Ceramic Crowns. As the name suggests these crowns contain no metal and are comprised completely of ceramic/porcelain.

The life expectancy of a typical crown (with good care) is around 10 years. It does, of course, rely on the type of crown used and how well you look after your oral health. Another great way to enhance the life expectancy of your dental crown is to maintain regular check-ups with your dentist. At City Smiles in Melbourne we recommend visiting us at least twice a year for regular check-ups to ensure the ongoing health of your teeth—as part of these regular check-ups we will examine your crown(s) to make sure they are in perfect shape or if they need replacing.

If  it is necessary to have a crown replaced we would strongly advise it—but only if the replacement of the tooth means optimal oral health: replacing a crown for the sake of aesthetics is not always the best option.

If you are uncertain about the state your dental crown please feel free to contact us at City Smiles.

Dental Crowns at City Smiles…

Most of the time people get crowns for functional reasons or to repair damage of a tooth due to:

  • A root canal
  • a tooth weakened by fillings
  • grinding or clenching
  • breakage

However, occasionally clients do request crowns for cosmetic reasons, for example if the tooth has been worn down and whitening treatments are no longer having the desired effect.

The cost of a dental crown is $740…

In order to have a dental crown fitted first the affected tooth is shaped and a mould is taken. This mould is then sent to Andent, an Australian  lab where your  crown is made. While you wait for your  dental crown the dentist will fit a temporary one. Due to this it usually takes two visits to have a crown fitted: one to shape your tooth and place the mould, and the second to remove the temporary crown and place the custom-made one.

At City Smiles we only use world-class technology and techniques at our dental practices, and have a reputation for being leaders in affordable dental treatment and patient care. If you are unsure about your dental crowns, the team at City Smiles are more than happy to help answer any questions or settle any concerns.

For more information on our dental crowns, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Melbourne, please do not hesitate to contact us.