How to select a high-quality and affordable dentist

How To Choose An Affordable Dentist In Melbourne

Here at City Smiles we’re passionate about patient care which means helping you select the perfect dentist

Here at City Smiles in Melbourne we know that choosing a dentist can often be tricky: full of hurdles and confusing questions. We aim to make your entire dental experience easier and simpler from start to finish which includes the process of finding a high quality dentist. There are a few things you need to remember when evaluating and comparing different dentists and practices, and price is one of the most important and common considerations.

Price does not mean quality

It’s important to remember when contemplating a specific dentist that cost does not necessarily mean quality: lower prices do not equal lower quality and higher prices do not mean better quality – a higher price is simply a mark-up dentists put on an otherwise affordable service. Everybody knows that price can vary from dentist to dentist, however each dentist utilises the same materials, and how they choose their pricing merely reflects their profit margin; nothing else.

Being the perfect dentist is a balancing act at City Smiles

City Smiles is dedicated to high-quality dentistry as well as affordable procedures and treatments. The best dental experience means a balance between affordability and quality which most dentists get wrong. Luckily at City Smiles we understand that the cost of dental treatments is high enough as it is without dentists overcharging or exaggerating their prices. You can rest assured that we will only ever charge what is necessary as we are passionate about family values and family dentistry which includes giving back to our patients through a streamlined service that results in reasonable pricing.

More about the City Smiles difference

Not only are we known as the most affordable dental practice in Melbourne, we also have a philosophy dedicated to patient care. We always aim to listen attentively, thoroughly evaluate dental problems, discuss options and the details of our treatments and provide a comprehensive range of dental options to fit into any budget and any preference.

Our affordable procedures available at City Smiles

Here at City Smiles we are passionate about our reasonable pricing. Below we will show you the difference between the cost of our services and others:

City Smiles:

Implant Crown: $1200
Elsewhere: $2000+

Dental Implants: $1800
Elsewhere: $2000-$3000

Porcelain Veneers: $790
Elsewhere: $1500-$2500

This shows an average saving of $570!

City Smiles has a large team of dental surgeons dedicated to your dental health

Here at City Smiles we have professional dentists with interests in endodontics, orthodontics, restorative, cosmetic and general dentistry. You can rest assured that no matter what your dental issue, out of our 6 professional dentists, you will find one that fits your requirements so that you can experience our profound patient care and our extremely reasonable prices.

If you have been considering swapping dentists or finding a new dentist for your child or yourself please do not hesitate to visit City Smiles on Collins Street or contact us today.