Looking for an affordable dentist in Melbourne CBD?

Looking For An Affordable Dentist In Melbourne CBD?

City Smiles in Melbourne combine affordable pricing and care in their treatment options.

From our Melbourne practice, City Smiles offers quality dental treatments and dentist services at an affordable price without breaking the bank. We pride ourselves on being able to offer modern, cosmetic and restorative dental solutions to people who feel like they are paying too much for treatment. 

By listening intently to the wants and needs of our patients, we can achieve improvements both functionally and cosmetically. At City Smiles, we believe everybody deserves a healthy, beautiful smile without paying exorbitant fees. Where some may think of dental care as a luxury, we believe it to be a right and we will always stand by that.

Affordable care

If you are one of the many people who think dental treatment prices are too high, then City Smiles might be the right fit. You might ask how we achieve this and the answer is simple. 

By maximising our productivity and streamlining our procedures, we are able to offer affordable care without compromising on quality. At our Melbourne practice, we use local dental laboratories when creating our products and treatments, which eliminates import costs and other overheads.

High standards

We never stray from our mission statement – Quality care at an affordable price – and we uphold the concept of quality in all aspects of our care. 

Our dental health professionals and their assistants are qualified and trained in Australia and New Zealand. Our dental surgeons are also certified by the Dental Board of Victoria, as well as the Australian Dental Association (ADA). Our dentists each have a wealth of knowledge, which allows us to provide treatment in a range of fields. 

We always stay up to date with industry trends, and we continue to educate ourselves even further. By attending lectures, conferences and meetings we can stay abreast of the latest techniques and products designed to give you the care you deserve. As members of the ADA and Dental Care Network, we are part of a community of professionals who are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and care.

How we care for you

At City Smiles Melbourne, we have been providing quality and affordable dentist service care to our patients for more than 25 years. We have managed to grow a strong business by implementing effective communication with our patients. By working hand in hand with our patients and keeping an open dialogue, we can develop an understanding of your expectations and your needs.

By consistently creating a relaxing and positive experience for our patients, we can form a foundation of trust. Part of this effective communication is to ensure you are in the know concerning your own dental hygiene and are aware that preventative measures can benefit you in the long term. This extends to any treatment you receive from our side and any procedures or care will be explained to you in detail.

If you are looking for quality dental treatment and care which is affordable, please get in touch with us here for a free consultation.