Four reasons to chew gum

Benefits Of Chewing Gum - 4 Reasons Why You Should Do It

Sugar-free chewing gum can benefit your oral health. 

Did you know that chewing on gum can actually promote better oral health? Just be sure to choose a sugar-free variety so that you don’t damage your teeth in the process. Read on to discover some of the benefits of chewing gum when it comes to maintaining a fresh, healthy smile…

1. Keep bad breath at bay

If you have ever struggled with bad breath, you will know that the issue can be embarrassing and unpleasant. Often caused by certain foods and drinks, such as garlic, onions, spices and coffee, bad breath is, fortunately, easily resolved in many cases. If you have consumed something that has left an unpleasant taste in your mouth, or which has caused a foul odour, try chewing on some sugar-free gum to mask the smell and boost the production of saliva in your mouth.

It is important to understand, however, that bad breath is sometimes a sign of an underlying health issue and chewing gum will not be able to resolve this. It is best to see your dentist if you are concerned about persistent bad breath.

2. Fight tooth decay

Although there is no substitute for proper oral hygiene in the form of regular brushing and flossing, chewing on sugar-free gum can help to reduce harmful bacteria in the mouth. By chewing on some gum shortly after eating, it is possible to get rid of some food particles and bacteria until you can get to your toothbrush. By reducing harmful bacteria in the mouth, you can prevent the build-up of plaque and reduce your risk of oral health issues such as tooth decay and gingivitis.

3. Boost saliva production in the mouth

One of the biggest benefits of chewing on sugar-free gum is that it promotes saliva flow in the mouth. This helps to prevent dry mouth, an issue that can cause considerable discomfort, as well as bad breath. When you chew on a piece of gum, the jaw muscles push on the salivary glands, forcing them to release saliva. So, if you often suffer from a dry mouth, you might find it helpful to chew gum regularly. It is also advisable that you discuss the issue with your dentist as dry mouth is sometimes a sign of an underlying issue.

4. Brighten your teeth

If you have noticed stains on the surface of your teeth, you are not alone. Stains and discolouration are common concerns for many people, and are often caused by certain foods and drinks. The truth is that professional whitening treatments are the best option when it comes to resolving these issues and achieving a brighter smile, but there are also some whitening chewing gums available.

These chewing gums are formulated to be chewed after meals. They help to wash away food particles that could cause stains on the surface of the teeth and work by stimulating the flow of saliva, as well as coating the teeth to prevent further stains. So, if you enjoy a highly pigmented or dark food from time to time — think berries, tomato sauces or soy — you might consider trying a whitening chewing gum to keep your smile looking fresh.

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