Three great ways to make brushing teeth fun!

How To Make Brushing Teeth Fun For Kids - 3 Tips

Is your child hesitant to brush their teeth? At City Smiles we have you covered!

Let’s face it – brushing teeth isn’t exactly a fun-filled task, especially if your child hates the feeling of the bristles against their teeth. At City Smiles in Melbourne, we have compiled some tips for making brushing teeth fun!

Help your child form a good oral health routine…

It has been proven that associating your child with a good oral health routine while they are young results in your child maintaining that routine in later life! That is why it is important to urge them to brush their teeth – yes, even through all the screaming and tantrums and tears.

1. Create a simple brushing song

Connect with your child through play and music – making up a brushing song involves you more in the process of brushing their teeth and can even distract them from the task so they unconsciously brush whilst listening to you. Incorporating motivational lyrics into the song will also help stir the child on to brush their teeth well.

2. Let your child copy you

Young children love to mimic – use this to your advantage and reach for your toothbrush when it is time for your child to brush their teeth. Let your child brush their own teeth then do a quick clean for them when you finish cleaning yours.

3. Sit them in front of a mirror

Sometimes your child just wants to know what is going on. Place them in front of a mirror whilst they clean their teeth; sometimes this can make all the difference between a temper tantrum and a clean mouth!

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