Discover the City Smiles Difference

Discover The City Smiles Difference At City Smiles Melbourne

Not your average dental practice, at City Smiles we are dedicated to providing the best in dental care for the most affordable price…

At City Smiles located in Melbourne we have many patients who come to us time and again for high quality treatments, unsurpassed service and affordability. We have crafted our dental practice around some very important, staple beliefs that we feel have cultivated our practice into the successful, friendly and busy practice it has become. By investing in our patients’ needs and allowing them to drive the process of their dental treatment, we have been able to effectively help many patients receive the care they need without the significant dental bill.

Our Philosophy – Affordability

By streamlining our processes to make appointments as fast and effective as possible, we are able to provide affordable cosmetic dental care without compromising on quality. By establishing and utilising systems that provide the greatest level of efficiency, we are able to ensure all our patients are seen quickly and effectively, in turn generating savings for you.

Our Philosophy – Quality

What is a dental practice without high quality care or treatments? At City Smiles, we know our business depends on your satisfaction, which is why we use only the best in dental treatment and combine this with stellar service to ensure total patient satisfaction. We have created benchmarks for the highest standards to achieve optimal results, and feel it is our very duty to help you achieve these desired outcomes. With a wide range of general, restorative and cosmetic treatments at our disposal, we can help you look and feel your best.

Our Philosophy – Our Approach

Every member of our team is highly trained, and is dedicated to ensuring you receive total dental care. We take a practice approach so the most appropriate dentist sees you from the start based on your individual needs and requirements; this helps to cut time and ensures that you are seen by the best.

Our Philosophy – Total Comfort

At City Smiles in Melbourne we understand that patient satisfaction begins with comfort, and with this in mind we make sure every treatment is carried out safely with minimal or no discomfort to you. Our attentive staff will always ask if you are comfortable and if you require anything. With a gentle touch, we are also able to make more invasive treatments as comfortable as possible.

Our Philosophy – Highest Standards

All our treatments are performed in-house, with all prosthetic work carried out in our local laboratory. By doing so we can ensure a faster turnaround and the highest standard of quality results which adheres to the Australian and New Zealand standards.

At City Smiles we are leaders in affordable, effective and efficient dental care, and uphold a reputation for using the best in world-class dental techniques. By providing high quality treatments that span over general, restorative and cosmetic dental care, we can help beautify, restore and enhance the health of your smile for years to come.

For more information on our dental philosophy or to book an appointment at our Melbourne dental practice, please do not hesitate to contact us.