How much do dental implants cost at City Smiles Melbourne?

While dental implants can be expensive, the costs of ignoring gaps in your teeth are likely higher.

Replacing a lost tooth is not only a case of restoring appearance but also a necessary step in order to preserve your long-term oral and dental health. Over time, the effects of missing teeth can have serious negative consequences.

Why replace a lost tooth?

A lost tooth or teeth will not only affect the appearance of your smile. There are several repercussions on your overall dental and oral health. Some of the most significant effects include:

  • Bone resorption – the jawbone will naturally begin to shrink due to lost stimulation from the missing natural tooth. Eventually affecting external facial appearance and leading to a raft of other debilitating symptoms, such as the degradation of attaching ligaments and muscles and temporomandibular disorder.
  • Bite malalignment – neighbouring teeth shift to attempt to cover the gap left by a missing tooth. This causes crookedness and occlusion malalignment, leading to reduced function and increased risk of developing gum disease as teeth become difficult to efficiently clean.

Replacing a lost tooth with a dental implant helps to mitigate potential consequences and is beneficial for oral health. A dental implant consists of an artificial tooth root, made of biocompatible titanium, which is surgically inserted to the jawbone. Eventually, the bone integrates with the implant, creating a strong and sturdy artificial tooth root. After this stage, an implant crown (the visible ‘tooth’), bridge or denture can be attached to the root.

Dental implant cost at City Smiles Melbourne

The philosophy at City Smiles is affordability and care, combined with quality dental treatments. The general cost of implant dentistry consists of implant fixture placement, at $1600 per fixture, and an implant crown for $1350 each. The price may vary depending on your individual case. During your consultation, we will provide you with a final quote.

While the initial costs may seem quite high, it is likely to be cheaper in the long run compared to other restorative efforts (such as bridges or dentures). Dental implants are long lasting and one of the few methods that truly counteract the negative effects of tooth loss. Bridges and dentures may seem like a cheaper option but will incur further maintenance costs over time.

We have a range of payment options including our dental payment plans. This allows you to receive the dental treatment you need without having to sacrifice your financial stability.

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Dental Implants Melbourne

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